Anthony Hooper Graphic Design - lululemon - International Day of Yoga


International Day of Yoga

In honour of International Yoga Day, June 21st 2018, lululemon gave 100 percent of their profits — which is equal to 16 percent of sales online and in-store — through their Here to Be program. The program, which partners with non-profits who are working to increase access to yoga and meditation, is lululemon’s social impact mission.

As art director, Anthony was tasked with overseeing the creative campaign, working with writers, graphic designers and brand strategists to develop the concept and bring the campaign to market. He worked cross-functionally with the retail and community departments to ensure that the creative output answered the project objectives and resulted in a high impact brand moment.

Art Direction: Ant Hooper
Creative Concepting/Design: Jane Koo, Dina Maani
Copy: Kate Gustafson, Dan Nelken



Brand Design, Art & Design Direction, Graphic Design